Self-cleaning Pet Cat Brush


The Process of removing loose hairs, dander, and dust from your pet's fur is about to become a whole lot easier.

If Brushing Your Cat or Dog always:

❌ Get Fur All Over your clothes and furniture.

❌ Turns into a lengthy and messy process.

❌ Hurts your finger and wrist.

❌ Trigger Your Allergy Symptoms.

✅ Not any More We Want To Help You Change That!

Your grooming sessions just got waaaaaaaaaaay easier with our self cleaning brush.

✅ No more messy!

✅ No more hassle!

✅ No more lengthy and painful for you and them.

✅ It's time to enjoy grooming your pet without strain your wrist


1. Promote blood circulation

In the process of grooming pets, combing needles repeatedly massage the skin, which can promote blood circulation, increase skin resistance, and eliminate physical fatigue.

2. Reduce hair loss
Groom your hair frequently, the shed hair will be combed down and will not fall everywhere with the pet's activities.

3. Prevent hair knotting
For long-haired cats and dogs, if the hair is not combed for a long time, it will cause the hair to become tangled, knotted, and felt. Regular combing can prevent this phenomenon.

4. Detect trauma and skin diseases in time
In the process of grooming, we can find out whether the pet has trauma or skin problems in time and get the best treatment time.

5. Grooming pets frequently can stimulate hair follicles, ensure better hair quality and hair volume, and make pet coats smooth and shiny.

6. The 140° curved design of the steel needle can better grasp the hair when combing, let the combed hair stay on the comb teeth, prevent static electricity, and avoid the embarrassment of hair flying all over the sky

Product Information:

  • Product Category: Comb brush
  • Specifications: white, pumpkin color
  • Applicable gift-giving occasions: weddings, parties
  • Applicable gift-giving relationships: couples, couples, colleagues, friends, classmates
  • Pumpkin comb size: 195*84*66mm
  • UFO comb size: 205*95*45mm

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