12x Permanent Waterproof Car Marker Paint Pen

100% quality and Brand new.-Marker Paint Pen,Suitable for all types of tires and Comfortably to use-Mark your tire's Raised letters and mark your racing tires for identification excellent design for repairing car scratch-Non-Toxic, Permanent, Odorless, Water Resistant, Non-Fade, Smoothly-This paint marker pen is a must item for car lovers and drivers!-Before paint your tires, clean the dust, oil, etc with the cleaning-aid-Marks on all surfaces including rubber, metal, wood, glass, plastic, cardboard and paper
    • The Details

-Color : Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Brown, White, Gold, Silver, Pink
    -Shell Material : Aluminum
    -Length : 145mm / 5.7"
    -Diameter : 13mm / 0.51"
    -Line Width : 3.0mm
    -Weight : 20g
    -Shelf Life : 2 Years

    • Compatible with

- Using tips:
    - 1. Before use, shake the pen body up and down several times, so that the ink mixed evenly.
    - 2. Open the lid, erect the pen, nib up, and press the nib with your hand for about 3-4 seconds.
    - 3. Pressed down the nib several times until the ink seeps.
    - 4. The ink must be used up before it can be pressed again.
    - 5. After writing must cover the cap to prevent ink evaporation.
    - 6. Please do not let this product close to the fire.
    • Package

12 x Marker Paint Pen Car Tire Making


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