AntiBacterial Curved Toilet Brush


The New Antibacterial Brush Head Is More Convenient To Penetrate Into The Pipeline.

 Key Benefits

Curved Brush - Unlike usual toilet brushes, the MagicBrush comes in a cactus shaped design to help you thoroughly clean your toilet. It's perfect for cleaning sections of your toilet that you can't easily reach.

Zero Damage - Due to its smooth and flexible silicone material, the MagicBrush preserves your toilets quality. It does not scratch or stain the surface, keeping your toilet in pristine condition.

Convenient Storage - Our premium MagicBrush comes with its own storage pocket that's freestanding and compact. This means that you can easily keep it out of the way after every use.

Easy Cleaning - Dirt or grime easily slides off of the MagicBrush . Simply rinse out dirt with water and soap to keep things sanitary at all times.

  • Deep cleaning without leaving dead ends

  • Premium Cleaning Bristles,Removes dirt easier and make no damages

  • Slim toilet brush Holder

【Toilet Brush with Rim Cleaner】

This toilet bowl brush with specially curved design, C-type brush head can reaches under the toilet rim where others can’t, and curved handle help scrub away hidden dirt easily, make cleaning more professionally and efficiently.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Pietro White

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Ashlynn Hickle

Ormi the color of the brush everything is perfect

Salvador McCullough

No Kull so comfortable להישתמש product this

Burley Blick

Tough, only small 'tails' Bend

Shawn Wintheiser

Incomplete: without handle -free object

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