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👉SLIM PATCH Features Evenly reduces and block the absorption of grease, sugar and starch, Help burn the fat and detoxifying the toxicants accumulated in the body.

👉Targets only fat / cellulite on and around the Belly.

👉Usage: It is recommended to use 12-24 hours a day.

👉Your skin may warm or sometimes even hot sensation, those are normal and expected.

👉The compact size avoids the embarrassing scenes that can be seen by others during the day, and can be used anytime, anywhere.

👉Tips: This weight loss sticker is not an immediate effect. It needs to be used according to the course of treatment. During the trial period, exercise properly and the effect is better!


How to use:

1. Tear the bags, pick up the slimming patch

2. Paste the slimming patch on the navel, and then fixes with adhesive.

3. One piece everyday, a sustainable external application for 12-24 hours and generally a course of one month.

For even better results, try a two-month courseMaterial: Traditional Chinese medicine


Size Approx:7.4*6.2cm

Conversion: 1inch=2.54cm, 1cm=0.393inches  

Customer Reviews

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Cala Williams
Slimming down

These pads work great! I am slimming down where I notice. I don't usually notice.

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