Swimming GOGGLES Glasses UV Protection Anti Fog

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Swimming Glasses Goggles UV Protection Anti Fog  With Swim Cap, And Ear Nose Plugs Set..Pool New
Comes with Free Protective Case For Googles..
Goggles Features
1. The headstrap &cushion is made of silicon rubber which has high water resistance and temperature resistance which ensures fixed placement
2. The lens made of PC, UV material, it protects the eyes from harmful ultravio-let rays for outdoor use.
3. The inner side of the eyecup processed with special coating for anti-fog, which enhance the clear of view.
4. The middle of the headstrap was double and prevented slide designed.
How to Use Goggles
Please adjust the length of the headstrap and nosestrap to give a comfortable fit to face in case the water leakage(Please see the instruction).
With goggles in position on face, stretch the headstrap over the back of the head. Headstrap should rest on the crown of the head at about a 45 degree angle to prevent leakage. 
*When Children use the goggles they must be guided by adults
*DO NOT swim underwater below 2 meters
*DO NOT use as sun goggle and or look into the sun directly, it will be hurt your eyes.
How to keep
*After use, wash the goggle with water, store it in the case after cutting water out, it can prolong the anti-fog period.
Friendly Reminder:
Put the inside of the lenses fully covered by water before use, so that the anti-fog treatment effective best.
DO NOT rub the surface of lenses with a towel or nail to avoid the scratch and decrease of anti-fog effect and clearance
Swim Cap Main Material: High quality PU
Color: Black Only
about 6.3*9.9 inches, can stretch over 12.6 inches
16cm(H)*25cm(L) can stretch over 32cm, 
Free size for men and women
Package with OPP bag
Swim Cap
These swim caps are made of a lightweight and durable PU material with superior pliability and stretch that provides a tight fit and a low drag. Anti-roll edge provides a secure, watertight fit.
How to put swim cap on properly: clasp hands with fingertips inwards and insert into swim cap. Extend hands outward and stretch cap over your head, adjusting as needed for a perfect fit

1. It is very comfortable to 
wear it.
2. Waterproof, not easy to 
get hair wet.
3. Breathable, better than 
silicone cap
4. Easy to fold, easy to 

Care: Rinse in cold water and wipe dry after use. Don't leave cap exposed to direct sunlight. To Prevent sticking Sprinkle inside of swim cap with talcum powder. Avoid contact with sharp objects like hairpins or fingernails. Adult one size, Black.

Ear & Nose PLugs
Color: Black Only
Size: earplugs: about 28*16mm, nose clip: about 27*36mm
 package box size: about 6.2*5.4cm, about 2.44*2.13 inches
Package with transparent plastic box
1. With high quality Silicone plastic, soft and safe
2. Ergonomic design,comfortable and will not fall easily,
3. With plastic box, can carry easily and keep clean.
Package Includes:
1 Googles w/ Free Case
1 Swim Cap
1 Set of Ear & Nose plugs


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