Temporary Crazy Color Hair Dye


Get your hair colored instantly with your favriote and craziest Color!!

Temporary Hair Cream Dye hair color wax silver grey hair for men and women cream 


 Products Details:

Have you ever wondered if you could just change your color whenever you want? Are you tired of the same old look with the same hair color and even if you get your hair colored it takes time to go off and sometimes the colors don’t match.

So, fear not as we have the perfect solution for you, Sevich hair color wax is just the thing for you. You can easily apply it any time if you are going out for a party, date, wedding, prom night, dance parties or just any occasion. It can be easily applied to your hair and can be removed with shampoo. 

The hair wax not only colors your hair but also makes them look thicker, shinier and better than ever before, the product contains natural ingredients like Beeswax and natural color. Thus, you can be carefree of any damage to your hair as it does not harm, unlike other shining and color products. It is completely non-toxic and even kids can apply it.


  1. Just put a small portion of the hair wax on your hand and apply gently on the places you want to color your hair.
  2. Wash your hands after applying it to your hair and try not to touch your eyes until you have properly washed hands as it can cause irritation to the eyes.


  1. Wash your hair with shampoo to take off all the hair wax and again try to wash hands with soap.

Frequently asked questions:

Question: Does it dry after applying?

Answer: Yes, it dries out as soon as you put it on your hair and gives a shiny look

Question: Does it rubs off on clothes or floor?

Answer: No, it quickly dries out and doesn’t rub off easily unless you rub it against the surface.

Question: What happens if I am in Rainy weather?

Answer: It is definitely not recommended that you stay in heavy rain after applying as it can come off it’s like literally taking a shower. However, it can sustain a little bit of drizzle.

Question: Is it safe for children?

Answer: Yes, actually kids look quite cool and cute after applying it try it for yourself but just try wash hair with shampoo after coming back to home from party.

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