Traveler station Wireless charger Multi-function Universal Smart usb Adaptor Card


Product Description:

Urban survival card multi-function Data line conversion Head Wireless Charger Universal Universal Portable Storage Bag.

Travelink card:

Made for Mobile Devices
Traveling card !! Your best charging partner.
Phone Cradle. Memory Reader. Wireless Charger. 


SIM Kit. 

Multiple Cable Content
SIM card pin.

TYPE-C to TYPE-A adapter. flashlight switch. 

NANO SIM card storage.
TYPE-C to lightning adapter. two-way TYPE-C adapter.
TYPE-C to Micro adapter.

Wireless Charger
Powerful charging. 

Charging easily
Support wireless charging. 

With AC power can use wireless charging.

Phone Cradle
Connect anywhere Easily.
Video, Hands-free, Watch videos Using wireless charging.Waiting for charging with ease.

Memory Reader
Connect anywhere! No problem!
Plug in TF card. Become your hard disk. Transfer file easily.

Exchange sim cards
Traveling network partner.Don't worry about exchange sim cards.
Storage your sim cards Safely. 

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