Ultrasonic Professional Facial Lifting Vibration Massager


1. Our multifunctional color light skin rejuvenation beauty instrument has four working modes and multiple functions, which can help you solve a variety of skin problems and restore your youthful, flawless skin.

2.The cleansing and rejuvenating mode can deeply clean the skin, gently and thoroughly remove makeup dirt without hurting the skin, reducing clogged pores, and leaving the skin clean and bright.

3.The light therapy rejuvenation mode has two modes.
👍The red light mode quickly introduces the skin care essence, allowing the skin to fully absorb the skin care essence and moisture nutrition, increase collagen, reduce wrinkles,
👍The blue light mode can tighten pores, improve acne acne, and tighten loose skin.

4.The warm lifting mode can massage the skin with high frequency, tighten and lifts the skin, restore skin vitality, reduce edema, shrink pores and brighten the skin.

5.The eye care mode uses warm vibration massage to relieve eye fatigue, help you quickly absorb eye cream essence, reduce fine lines and dilute dark circles, aiming to achieve eye beauty effects.

6.The stylish appearance, compact body and USB charging design make it convenient to carry this beauty device, allowing you to enjoy a professional beauty SPA anytime and anywhere.

Product Features:

Deep cleansing: deep into the pores, remove dirt that cannot be removed by the pores, leaving no dead ends.

Nutrient introduction: Through the introduction of hot ion, the essence is directly infiltrated into the dermis layer of the skin, and the skin is improved from the inside out to achieve multiple moisturizing of the skin.

Lock the nutrients: tighten the pores with ice, lock in nutrients and firm the skin.

6 ° C cold compress: firm skin, shrink pores, lock skin moisture and nutrition.

42 ° C hot compress: help to deepen the pores to clean and repair skin cells.

Intelligent timing: 3 minutes of operation per mode, automatic termination.



1. Press and hold the power button for more than 3 seconds to turn it on. It cannot be used while charging.

2. This product uses micro-current ion technology, it is normal to have a slight current sense, please feel free to use.

3. Clean and rejuvenate, first use the instrument to make the export clean, then use facial cleanser to clean the face (without the instrument).

4. When using, you need to hold the ion sensor strip on both sides of the fuselage and use the instrument head to contact the skin to form a circuit. Please keep the skin moist when using, otherwise the instrument will not work properly.

5. If you need to use it on someone's face, you need to contact the user to form a circuit, otherwise the instrument will not work properly.



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